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 Join us in the American Saddlebred adventure!

Providing Quality Horses, Training, and Instruction Since 1982 

Training in the Valley View Farms Tradition ...

You may need to provide a few items for your horse in training.  Seasonal blankets and sheets, leather halter, show bridle, or driving equipment.

Our trainers are proven winners in the show ring.  They are members of various professional and horse breed organizations.  They collaborate with top trainers and industry professionals to keep their skills sharp, providing the best for you and your horse.

Whether you need young stock started, or another trip to the winners circle, we are here to work your horse 5 days a week.

Our professionally trained grooms & caretakers follow strict protocols in your horse’s daily care, including checking vitals daily.  

We can also show your horse for you, or have it shown by a competent amateur rider with no additional charges.

Veterinarian care, therapists, and farrier services will be billed seperately